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Elevator Monitoring System > REMS

1. Data capture and report
• Record information about the elevators, eg: the contract number, the location, the name of the building...etc.
• Regular reports allow the service personnel to identify any faults as soon as they occur.
• Feedback the breakdown information instantly by a message with an error code and an alarm.
• Reports can be configured to record data from varying periods.
2. Statistical Data Analysis
• Passenger number analysis.
• Breakdown analysis for trouble-shooting.
3. Backup Power
• The UPS or internal backup power will keep the system operating during any power failures.
4. Voice Message
• Allows the user to confirm what has happened to the elevator when there is an emergency.
5. Communication
• If there is no response from the machine room or control room when the emergency button is pressed, the external line dialing function will
automatically route the emergency message to the preset number.
• The system will automatically end the external line dialing function when users hang up in the elevator.
• When the elevator breaks down, communication between the control room and the service center is provided via the intercom.
6. Management tailored to different levels of authority
• Allows personnel at different levels of authority to set up different passwords, thus allowing for different levels of management.
7. Remote control
• All designated lifts can transmit data and be controlled remotely.

Model REMS
Type Remote-Elevator Monitoring System
Dimension 15/17/19 inches LCD

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